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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Made us think!

Images: Cultural diversity in Nepal.

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The visit of Dr Chintamani Yogi to Thebarton Senior College

Thanks to everyone for your keen attention and interest during our session today with Dr Chintamani Yogi. I certainly enjoyed it and learnt a lot - I hope you did as well.

I thought I would just put down some of the things Dr Yogi said in his talk. They certainly make one think and is great fodder for our discussion on cultural diversity in coming weeks.

He said:

* Diversity is the beauty of the world.
* Gandhi said, "How many people killed" - not how many Hindu's or Muslims.
* How do people smile with nothing? It is because of culture.
* Two key aspects of culture: it cultivates (how to) and connects us (to nature, other people and the universe).
* How could I exist without you?
* I takes you away from humanity.
* Education is about maximising the I. But the I should be about how it can help the us.
* We work hard on the art of living but not as hard on the art of life.
* Spirituality helps you to learn the art of life.
* True love is based in humanity.
* Listen to the heart.
* The spirit of oneness.
* Spirituality is based on unity and culture is based on diversity.
* God is not a person but a principle. Truth, love and peace is God.
* When you are on the path of truthfulness you are with God.
* To live productively and beautifully.

Plenty to think about there. We must talk about what these quotes are saying in the next lesson.

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