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Monday, February 13, 2012

The issue of finding issues!

Images: Protesting US style on the issue of peace outside of the White House, Washington.

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Looking for an issue of interest

Today we discussed the nature of issues in society and the need to look at our views on issues and express our opinion about them. Many of you had difficulty thinking about an issue of importance to you. I thought the following websites dedicated to exploring and providing information on issues would be a useful exercise for you to look at and maybe see a topic/issue that you find of interest. You may even find an issue of interest that you could conduct research on later in the year when you are asked to undertake an issue investigation assignment(if not early in the year for the Research Project). Start thinking about it now!

Here are the sites to explore:

* Newspapers to explore for issues at

* Find out the facts on a wide range of issues at

* Research issues at the Social Issue Research Centre at

* Investigate a catalogue of issues at

* Find out information for issue studies at

* Investigate a directory of issues at

* Look at this Australian social action issue site at

* Here is a site full of issue ideas

Spend some time over the next week looking at these sites, identifying issues and learning about them.

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