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Monday, February 6, 2012

Visit by Dr Chintamani on Wednesday 8/2/12

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Dr Chintamani Yogi: Founder of Values Education Nepal.

‘Let’s live in truth and understand the absolute truth; let’s practice love and understand unconditional love. Let’s realise inner peace and create global peace’

Dr Chintamani will visit our class on Wednesday February 8th. Attached is some background on Dr Chintamani and Hinduism.

Before the session:

1. Please read the document attached and come to the session.

Remember you will need to create a Google account to access Google Docs to open this document. Go to to create the account.

2. Visit this site to get some background on Hinduism.

3. Prepare at least one question to ask Dr Chintamani in the session on Wednesday.
Here is a sample interview with Dr Chintamani

See you on Wednesday in lesson 2 for what should be a fascinating lesson on cultural diversity.

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