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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Great topics for investigation


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You have chosen some great topics for your investigations.

Here they are:

Yahye: Divorce rates
Lok: Smoking around young children
Majak: Gender reassignment
Leah: Governments role in population growth
Khem: Immunisation compulsion
Ornella: Cyberbullying
Francois: Same-sex marriage
Darcy: Advertising and body image of women 16-25
Tahera: Abortion legalisation
George: Raising retiring age
Maria : Wages for sheltered workshops

I have listed them here because we should know what others are doing, in case we see something relevant to others - pass on the info! 

You have developed your topic, focus questions, hypothesis and done much of the background for the topic by now. You should now start using the template on Moodle to do the Introduction.

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