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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great topics for investigation


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Yo have started to choose some great topics for your investigations.

Here they are:

Amina: The phenomenon of Neo-Nazism in the modern world.
Narad: Teenage parenting.
Van: Banning smoking in public places.
Abdul: To ban theBurka in Australia?
Mat: Decline of the church in Australia.
Lauriane: Food waste in our society.
Osman: Racism.
Jackie: Bullying in schools.
Kira: Child modelling.
Krystal: Discrimination against the wearing of tatoos in the workplace.
Tayla: Legalising prostitution in South Australia.
George: Legislation to minimise drug use.
Maria: Organ donation.
Nikol: A big Australia or not?
  • Your task now is to fine tune your topic into an issue/ethics study, create a hypothesis, develop focus questions and plan your research.  To help these tasks you should be reading everything you can find on your issue.
  • You can change your topic anytime up to the week 5 of this term.  Just re-submit a new proposal to me.
  • The due date for the Investigation is Friday of Week 6, Term 3.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scoop it

Image above: The site: A great site to help you gather materials on your issue.

Sites related to GeogSplace
Spatialworlds blog

Spatialworlds website
Australian Geography Teachers' Association website

Follow Spatialworlds on Twitter

Email contact Great for the Research Project research and Folio is a way of organising your research and to develop some interactivity with your investigations. Try using at
Here is a I created on the Environmental issue of locating a Nuclear Waste dump in South Australia. Notice that 100+ suggested sites created by have been added to my initial scoops.
Give it a go to organise your research. Why not create a for your investigation (and other work)?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Endangered cultures

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The address for the Socialsense blog
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The need to preserve cultural diversity in the world

A video on the importance of the world remaining culturally diverse and saving cultures from becoming like us!

*** Research the terms cultural integrity, ethnocentrism, cultural homogeneity, globalisation and westernisation. Some terms to think and talk about as we discuss the various cultures in our photoessay assignment.***

The following are just some of the YouTubes on cultural diversity. They certainly give us an idea that what we know as normal is not necessarily normal in many parts of the world!

* Insane cultural festivals

* Gestures across the world

* Songs and dances around the world

* Culture shock: Part 1     Part 2  

* Long Neck woment tradition   and another

* Foot binding

* Taboo foods

* Outcasts

* Delicacies

* Tatoos

* Justice

* Child rearing

* Marriage

* Death

* Sexuality

* Scarification

* Beauty and men

* Concept of family

* Concept of beauty

* Lip plates

* Marriage a little different