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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The first assignment on Culture

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The first assignment 

1. Do your 100 words description of "What a society is?" Please hand this up on Monday next week.

2. First assignment is ready to start
Your first folio assignment is worth 15%.  Start reading the assignment and thinking about who you will interview and the questions you will ask.

3. Defining culture task
Read the blog posting on culture and try to get an understanding of what culture is. Watch this Powerpoint on culture as background to the task. Firstly have a go at researching the information on culture from the blog posting and then in small groups come up with three sentences to describe culture (just like we did with society during the lesson on Wednesday). 

See you next Monday with the 100 words on society, sentences on culture and some ideas on who you will interview for assignment 1.
Good Luck

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