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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why do we study this?

Image above: 1915 at the beach in Atlantic City in the US. How society changes.

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The Socialsense blog

I have developed this blog to support the Society and Culture classes at Thebarton Senior College (TSC )in South Australia. The college is located in Adelaide and caters for young people determined to gain an education for their future. The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Society and Culture courses have been designed to provides students with the opportunity to explore, analyse and consider the complexities and interconnections of our societies and cultures in the Australian and Global context. This is the first of many, I am sure, as the course progresses.

The Socialsense blog is called socialsense because many of the aims of the SACE Society and Culture courses is for us to try to make sense of our society and cultures in Australia and around the world. The SACE Society and Culture course outline describes the reasons why we do the course as follows.

We study Society and Culture for you to have the opportunity to:

1. investigate and analyse different aspects of, and issues related to, contemporary societies and cultures, in local and global contexts
2. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the nature and causes of social change
3. investigate and analyse ways in which power structures operate in societies
4. evaluate and use a range of sources and perspectives to communicate informed ideas about societies and social and cultural issues
5. collaboratively plan, undertake, and evaluate informed social action as a result of an inquiry
6. demonstrate understanding of ways in which societies and cultures are connected and interdependent.

In a sense, our class is a micro-society with a culture with many of the characteristics of society and cultures on a larger scale. To get to know us I thought the following introductory activity would be a worthwhile exercise to know who we are and what we think. Intoductory activity

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