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Monday, March 31, 2014

The essence photostory support materials

Image above: A screenshot from the video on how to use photostory
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Assignment 2: The photoessay on the essence of a culture 

Support materials are on the Moodle for the photoessay using Photostory.

* The video demonstration to use Photostory is now up on the Moodle at Watch the video to clarify how to use Photostory. It will take a little time to download on your computer but it is worth looking at and listening to. A pdf of how to use Photostory is also up on the Moodle.

* Also go to the Moodle to download the template for the write-up. Make sure you use this template and write as much as you can to describe how your selected image shows the essence of the culture.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Interesting: culturally that is!

Image above: Interactive map of gun deaths across the US over recent time.

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Just really interesting!

Five interesting sites for you to look at for Society and Culture

A great interactive map over time of gun deaths in the US.

* Fascinating culture story
The Samaritans, a rapidly dwindling sect dating to biblical times, have opened their insular community to brides imported from Eastern Europe in a desperate quest to preserve their ancient culture.

 * What the? The burning man festival:  A modern cultural happening

* Look at this plane finder site and 24 hour flight video and you can start to understand why we are more and more, becoming culturally the same.

* Society changes over time: A site showing women rights over time.

Friday, March 21, 2014

A picture is worth ...

Image above: Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Seven million people living in 423 square miles (1,096 sq km).

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Pictures are worth 100 words but that does not mean that an assignment can be one picture!!!

Photographs are a wonderful way to communicate information, ideas, thoughts, themes and emotions. There is a saying that a picture is worth a 1000 words. In our next assignment you are to develop your own photoessay (using Photostory) on your culture.
As an introduction to that task I am asking you to look at the following pictures on Moodle, create a theme and then select the 10 you wish to use to best illustrate the theme. Good luck, I look forward to see your response - interestingly, the selections and themes will all be different based on which images resonate most with you as an individual and the theme you develop as a result. To get the written information on each picture go to 

Now to get stuck into that photoessay assignment on your culture.  Good luck.

An interesting situation and cultural story
*** Have a look at this fascinating story of cultural survival and potential cultural clashes in a religious community. Food for thought! More questions than answers with this one! ***

Fun but with a message about culture

This shows us something about cultures and society. Just enjoy but ... also think about what it shows.

Where the hell is Matt? Matthew "Matt" Harding (born September 27, 1976), is a traveller, video game designer, and Internet celebrity known as Dancing Matt for his viral videos that show him dancing in front of landmarks and street scenes in various international locations.

More than a cartoon for fun: an interesting comment on ...

A cartoon to provoke your thoughts, feelings, perspectives and reactions on the fickleness of culture. In what way(s) is our perspective on so many things a product of our cultural, historical and geographic setting?  Cartoons are a powerful way that we can comment on cultural, social, economic, environmental and political matters.  Have a look at these sites containing social cartoons.  

What do they tell us?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cultural difference

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The need to preserve cultural diversity in the world

A video on the importance of the world remaining culturally diverse and saving cultures from becoming like us!

*** Research the terms cultural integrity, ethnocentrism, cultural homogeneity, globalisation and westernisation. Some terms to think and talk about as we discuss the various cultures in our photoessay assignment.***

The following are just some of the YouTubes on cultural diversity. They certainly give us an idea that what we know as normal is not necessarily normal in many parts of the world!

* Insane cultural festivals

* Gestures across the world

* Songs and dances around the world

* Culture shock: Part 1     Part 2  

* Long Neck woment tradition   and another

* Foot binding

* Taboo foods

* Outcasts

* Delicacies

* Tatoos

* Justice

* Child rearing

* Marriage

* Death

* Sexuality

* Scarification

* Beauty and men

* Concept of family

* Concept of beauty

* Lip plates

* Marriage a little different