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Monday, March 31, 2014

The essence photostory support materials

Image above: A screenshot from the video on how to use photostory
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The Thebarton Senior College Moodle

Assignment 2: The photoessay on the essence of a culture 

Support materials are on the Moodle for the photoessay using Photostory.

* The video demonstration to use Photostory is now up on the Moodle at Watch the video to clarify how to use Photostory. It will take a little time to download on your computer but it is worth looking at and listening to. A pdf of how to use Photostory is also up on the Moodle.

* Also go to the Moodle to download the template for the write-up. Make sure you use this template and write as much as you can to describe how your selected image shows the essence of the culture.

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