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Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to Stage 1 Society and Culture

Image above: Thebarton Senior College Society and Culture students presenting at the Intercultural Understanding Values Education Conference in June 2012.

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Welcome to the Stage 1 Society and Culture course. Here are the topics we studied last semester:
·         What is culture?

·         The nature of a society

·         What are values?

·         The major influences on us as people in terms of values

·         The impact of culture on the individual

·         Issues in our society

This semester we build on the knowledge and understandings gained to explore lifestyle and power in our society.  The new people to the class need several weeks of background on what some of us learnt last semester.

The course planner:
Term 3
Week 1 and 2: Culture and exploring issues.
Week 3-7: Lifestyle choices (source analysis assignment - 30%)
Week 8 -10: Individual investigation (40%).
Term 4
Weeks 1-6: People and Power (group activity assignment – 30%)

Reading exercise using the Social Sense postings from January and February this year.  Just click on the links below and have a read and think about why we aer doing this subject and what is expected.:

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