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Monday, July 16, 2012

Setting the scene for Stage 1 Society and Culture

Image above: Thebarton Senior College Society and Culture students presenting at the Intercultural Understanding Values Education Conference in June 2012.

As mentioned during the introduction lesson on Monday, there is some background work to be done on what is meant by the term Culture and what are the main influences shaping our values and opinions. The following postings will guide you through the exploration of these questions. If a link does not open, just ask your relief teacher to unblock the link for you or to show the presentations on the screen at the front of the class.

Make sure you open all the hyperlinks (blue writing)  and read everything you can on the materials presented.

Also view these PowerPoints on the Thebarton Senior College Moodle

Tasks to complete during the lesson or for homework prior to Friday's lesson.

1. In 100 words write a concise defintion of what a culture is and what can be described as the characteristics of a culture.

2. In 100 words discuss what the major influences have been on you to determine your values and opinions.

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