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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The right course for Stage 2 Society and Culture?

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Stage 2 Society and Culture

The right course?

So far this year we have studied a Culture topic called Cultural Diversity, a Contemporary challenge topic called Social Ethics – now we are going to study the Global Issues topic called A Question of Rights.  Here is a summary of this, our final topic.

Topic 3: Global Issues

A Question of Rights 

A topic to:
  • explore the interrelationships between choice, rights, and responsibilities.
  • appraise and explore the notion of fundamental human rights for all people in a globalising world.
  • consider ways in which human rights have evolved and changed
  • think about the ways in which the rights of one may work against the rights of others.
  • explore notions of shared understanding of human rights in different contexts.
  • consider the feelings of those continually marginalised because of particular characteristics (e.g. physical appearance, illness, age, gender, dress, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, political views, lack of access to technology, and lack of employment)
  • examine the effects of discrimination, marginalisation, paternalism, prevailing stereotypes, and social policies on those who experience disadvantage.
  • see that countries throughout the world share, and are connected by, media images of elections, warfare, and acts of terrorism. In this context, students may examine the interrelationships between social justice, civil responsibility, civil liberties, and the role of the state.
  • explore conflict or tension over rights at a local level (e.g. censorship, police detention, unfair advertising, harassment, bullying, or terrorism).
  • examine the roles of groups (such as the Australian Human Rights Commission, Link-Up services, and refugee associations) whose ethical aim is to protect human rights.
  • consider how individuals may act to promote human rights.

Getting started

A fundamental question for this topic is the question; what is a right for a human? The answer to this question will differ from place to place, country to country, culture to culture. 

The following questions will give you a start at thinking about Human Rights in Australia and across the world.

Have a go at answering these basic questions whilst exploring the issue of rights.

a.      What are the basic needs of humans? Consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

b.      What should be the basic rights of humans?

In answering questions c. to e. consider the work of the Australian Human Rights Commission  

c.      What are our rights in Australia?

d.      Are our rights limited in Australia?

e.      Does everyone in Australia have the same rights?

f.       What topics/issues are discussed under the heading of  Human Rights in Australia

g.      Is the community happy with the protection of Human Rights in Australia?

h.      Why would anyone be against the work of Amnesty International and other Human    Rights organizations? i.e UN, Human Rights Commission.

i.       What organisations promote human rights around the world? What are some of the current issues globally under the banner of Human Rights.
      Human Rights Watch

Watch these two YouTube videos on Human Rights 

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