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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Culture survey on Moodle

Hi Stage 2 Society and Cultures class

As said today in class, the culture survey on the Australian culture we created in class together is now up on Moodle at The file is called Culture Survey and is ready to use. The survey is also posted on Google Docs at Please get at least 10 people to complete the survey by the first lesson next term. During that lesson we will collate the surveys and start working out how to represent the data.
Remember, this is a survey and not an interview. People just need to tick boxes, circle numbers and make a few written responses. They do not need to put their name on the survey. You should ask the person if they have already done this survey. If they have, they should not complete the survey. We want a sample of at least 200 different surveys for the assignment.
Good Luck.

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