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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time to talk about the Investigation


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The Stage 2 Society and Culture Investigation

Much of what we have been reading, watching, talking about and skills developed during this class has been in preparation to conduct the Investigation.  This investigation is a sociological study investigation something you are interested in.  Unlike the Research Project it must be a report on something to do with Society and Cultures.  You do have to do a journal for your investigation but that is not submitted to the SACE Board for moderation.  Your report is forwarded for moderation though. The evaluation component of the investigation is integrated into the conclusion of the report.

You are required to produce a professional and quality report containing appropriate primary reseach (interview and/or survey). Here is some background from the SACE Course Outline about this assessement item worth 30% of the course.

The written report should be a maximum of 2000 words for a 20-credit subject. Students must acknowledge sources appropriately using the footnote (using Harvard citation) or the in-text Harvard System.

The negotiated contemporary social or cultural issue may be derived from a topic that has appears in the SACE course outline or it may be linked to a student’s personal interest. It is essential that the issue or topic has a clearly defined focus on an aspect of or issue related to a contemporary society or culture.

Students are encouraged to identify and analyse primary, as well as secondary, sources of information in gathering evidence about the issue.

To help in the verification of their work, students should keep a folio of support materials and documents that outline the processes of preliminary data collection. The folio is not submitted for assessment.

The Investigation wil be judged on the Performance standards related to Knowledge and Understanding, Investigation and Analysis and Evaluation and Communication (Collaboration is not one of the Performance Standards for the Investigation).

In class this week and next you are asked to:
  • come up with a topic
  • commence researching everything you can about the topic 
  • refine the topic to develop an achievable investigation
  • develop focus questions for your investigation
  • start thinking about what primary research you will conduct.

The Investigation proposal sheet is available on the TSC Moodle and is due to me on Wednesday 8 May. 

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