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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Culture is...?

Image above: Festival on the Ganges River, India.

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What is culture?

Now that we know that society is about the organisation and functioning of communities we need to look at the critical area of society called culture. It is time we tried to clearly describe what composes culture and what we need to look at when we study a culture. We have mentioned in class that it is to do with things such as values, beliefs, dress, food, art, norms, taboos and ways of behaving. The following slideshows give a more detailed and at times contested view of culture.

Sub cultures!
Within in any mainstream culture there are many sub-cultures within a culture.


Watch this Powerpoint on 'What is Culture'.

Cultural groups are different around the world, but so are the sub-cultural expressions of those who feel that they are on the fringes of society.

6 Foreign Subcultures you've Never Heard of. Dandies in Congo, emos in Iraq, electro-hillbilly truckers in Japan. No matter how hard life can be, people carve out original ways of living.

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