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Monday, May 28, 2012

Due dates for Semester 1 work

Here are the due dates for Stage 1 and 2 Society and Cultures work.  It is really important that you organise yourself to ensure that these assessment deadlines are met.

Stage 1

28/5/12: Group assignment product handed up.

1/6/12: Group reflection due and

Presentation of the Group task.
  • Develop a Powerpoint for the presentation
  • Each member to talk for one minute on a part of your brochure
  • Imagine you are talking to a group of new arrivals in Adelaide.
13/6/12: My Culture/My Story presentation to the class.

14/6/12: Presentation of My Culture/My Story to Intercultural Understanding conference at Immanuel College.

15/6/12: Investigation due and must be handed up. This completes your assessement for the course and we can give you an overall grade for Society and Cultures.

Stage 2

6/6/12: Investigation proposal due.
8/6/12: Group reflection to be handed up.
13/6/12: Social Action for Group Task presented to class and handed up.

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