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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The country - city divide

Images above: Country and city, all Australian but different worlds and different subcultures.

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Today we had the pleasure of Sue coming to our class to be interviewed. Sue helped us to explore the concepts of city and country subcultures. I think the discussion was excellent and by the end of the sessions we certainly had explored not only the nature of these two subcultures but also how to conduct a really thorough interview. Here are the core questions and interview questions from the interview with Sue.

Purpose: Comparing Country and City subcultures

Core questions

What is the country subculture?
What is the city subculture?
Are the two subcultures all that different?
Does the country subculture stay with country people when they move to the city?
Do people change when they come to the city (and vice versa)

Interview questions

1. Introduction
• Where do you live now?
• Did you grow up in the country?
• How many years did you live on a farm?
• Have you always been a teacher?
2. What was living in the country like? Can you describe a typical day on the farm?
3. Was it a good place to bring up children?
4. What do you consider were the best parts of living in the country?
5. What do you consider were the worst part of living in the country?
6. Do you believe there is a rural sub-culture?
7. Now that you live in the city can you tell us how life in the city is different?
8. How would you describe the city sub-culture of where you live? Do you think it would be different to the suburbs?
9. Which subculture do you prefer? Why
10. Do you think city students are different to country students? If so, what ways?
11. Do you think you have kept any of your country values, even though you are now a city person?
12. Do you think your children have country or city value?
13. Do you think it would be easier moving from the country subculture to the city or vice versa?
14. Do you think you can tell a country person by looking or talking to them?
15. Do you think it would be easier for a new arrival to Australia to adjust to life in the country or city? Please explain your response?
16. Do you think city people understand country people?
17. In your opinion is there a divide between country and city in Australia? If so, how is this acted out?
18. Have you anything more to add to help us answer out core questions?

I am sure both classes would like to thank Sue for participating in our studies. Now it is over to you all to conduct your interview for the assignment using the survey questions we developed. Good luck.

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